Holiday Houses in Camps Bay Cape Town

You love going on holiday in Cape Town, but staying in a hotel every year is becoming a bit of a drag. No wonder – while hotels are the traditional way to holiday, today you can make a completely different arrangement by booking a holiday house. Holiday houses, especially in the Camp Bay area of Cape Town, are becoming quite popular and it is easy to see why – they come with a host of advantages that you wouldn’t otherwise enjoy if you stayed in a hotel. Here is what you get:
•    You get a house – a villa if you want – that has everything that you need. Each room is tastefully and luxuriously furnished and there is an en-suite bedroom. There are bathrooms in every bedroom and the kitchen is also fully loaded.
•    You prepare your own meals. This may not seem like a plus at first but when you think about it you will see that it makes a lot of sense. First, you avoid paying the exorbitant prices that are charged for hotel meals. You will go out to the local market, buy fresh supplies and cook whatever you want. You reduce the risk of food poisoning since you prepare meals yourself, and you can eat whenever you want, unlike in hotels where you are restricted to a strict meal time.
•    Your holiday home comes with a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a barbeque and lots more. If you don’t feel like being out and about in the city there is plenty to do right where you are staying.
•    You get plenty of privacy – you will not bump into other guests unless you want to.
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