What Can a Dentist in Richmond Do for You?

A common misconception about dentists is that, you only go to them when you have visible problems with your teeth. Hence, many people see a dentist only when they need a tooth removed, repaired, or replaced. A dentist in Richmond can do a lot of other things to help you maintain a healthy set of teeth. Below are a just a few of them.
 Prevention. Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes. A dentist can help you prevent the onset of an oral problem or detect its presence before it gets worse. A check-up with the dentist, which you should do once a year, will help you keep the common dental problems at bay.
 Maintenance. So, you have a nice a set of teeth. Without proper care, however, your beautiful smile might not last long.  Prophylaxis, or professional teeth cleaning, is recommended once every six months to remove the germs and stains that brushing and flossing alone cannot. You can also get sealants and protect your molars from the potential damage that you might get from chewing food. A dentist may also apply fluoride on your teeth to make them stronger and protect them from decay.
 Correction and Improvement. Some of your teeth may not be damaged but need correction or improvement. A dentist in Richmond can offer solutions to misaligned smiles, crooked and crowded teeth, sensitive gums, and even bad breath. You can also see a dentist if you want to remove any discoloration on your teeth or to make your teeth even whiter.
 Advice. Nobody knows more about the teeth and how to take good care of them than the dentists. You can go to a dentist in Richmond to get advice on what you should do, change, or eat to keep your teeth healthy and white.